Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety

Fleksi Bemanning as takes no shortcuts. We recruit and quality-assure each job candidate personally, supervising their performance after they start work.

Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety (QEHS) is an umbrella term denoting activities to ensure the quality of products and services, environmental protection, and occupational health and safety for employees and end-users. QEHS systems prevent damage and adverse environmental impacts, ensure that company employees enjoy a healthy working environment, and guarantee that residents and users of buildings and amenities benefit from a sound outdoor and indoor environment.

The Norwegian Planning and Building Act requires environmental, and health & safety concerns to be addressed in public authorities’ land-use planning, granting of building permits and in technical requirements for newbuilds, construction sites and other projects.

All business enterprises in Norway are required to work systematically with QEHS pursuant to the Norwegian Regulations relating to systematic health, environmental and safety activities in enterprises [Internal control regulations] or the Framework regulations (petroleum activities).
QEHS on building & construction sites is subject to the developer regulations pursuant to the Working Environment Act.

Fleksi Bemanning as is aware of the challenges posed by QEHS.