Fleksi Recruitment

Fleksi Recruitment

Fleksi also offers professional and efficient recruitment to permanent positions. We have experience with collaboration with industry, oil service, construction, IT and the sales industry.

Extensive management experience in several industries means that our recruiters have very good insight into business operations and HR. We therefore offer efficient and customized recruitment solutions to each individual customer. 

The machining company Wepco and Byggmester BOB are among those who have used us. Here is what they say about letting Fleksi run the recruitment process:

Wepco AS

“We are very pleased with the help we have received from Fleksi for the recruitment of CNC Operators. We have met a recruiter with industrial management experience who has managed to familiarize himself with our company’s organization and challenges. Wepco has been presented in a good way to candidates we would like to start with us.

At the same time, we are impressed by Fleksi’s ability to find good candidates in what must be a large network and the correct use of search methods. And not least, we notice that Fleksi uses social media and micro-target advertising on Facebook and google that we have not experienced before.

In fact, Fleksi also provides good input beyond recruitment, which we also take with us”

Jon Arne Ramsland
Managing Director
Wepco AS

Byggmester B.O.B

Fleksi has carried out a very good recruitment process for us and we are very pleased with the work that has been done. We have experienced a personal commitment and a good follow-up and communication throughout the collaboration. Fleksi spent a lot of time getting to know the conditions that were important to us in the future. This so we got direct consequences for whom Fleksi approached and finally chose to present to us.

Fleksi has a good understanding of the industry and meets us with recruiters who have long management experience and thus become good sparring partners. We received good input and advice, which we really appreciate. Fleksi has a modern and effective marketing system.

They use social media very actively, which has not only proved effective, but it has also enabled us to keep costs relatively low. Using Fleksi has been painless and tidy and we have had a good feeling throughout the process.

Morten Birkedal
General Manager
Byggmester B.O.B

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