Job satisfaction on the region's biggest construction site

It's early morning in the Tasta district, on what is currently the Stavanger region's largest residential development site. Among those getting ready for a new day at work is Marius Woyciechowski (38).

Marius has been in Norway for 8 years, and most of that time working for fleksi bemanning. The day from 07.00 to 15.00 suits him well, and he thrives with many good colleagues. The 38- year-old is a trained carpenter, but right now he mounts the facade of apartments for Frøyland Bygg .

 - Fleksi is a good employer. I am happy with my assignments and I have good colleagues. I appreciate that the people in Fleksi are available. We have a close relationship with our managers. our opinions and wishes are taken in account and we have the opportunity to influence various conditions. Even our working clothes are good, says Marius with an enthusiastic smile.

His daughter Claudia (14) and wife Beata is waiting for him home i Poland.

 - I send home a large amount of money to them every month. It's more than what I could have earned in Poland. I would like them to move to Norway too. Claudia is still in school though, so it's not easy to just move her to another country. As yet they live in Poland.

 It is difficult to be away from family for a long time. There is always something you miss out on - always episodes or events throughout a day I wish I shared with them. I miss them terribly. Skype and other social media are widely used.

 Fleksi facilitates for us to travel home easily.

 - Especially Christmas holiday is good, says Marius. That is three weeks long. But soon now it is the other way around. Claudia and Beata are coming on holiday to Norway in February. That will be absolutely wonderful, says Marius