Useful information

Useful information

For our employees

Thank you for doing a great job! Fleksi wants only the best and is dedicated to providing excellent service. We are always available and open to new challenges.

Contact us to discuss your needs and hear our solutions for you. Below, you'll find useful work-related forms.

Travel reimbursement form
Holiday application form
Sickness absence form
Outlay form

For employers

At fleksi bemanning AS, we specialise in finding reliable candidates for temporary and permanent positions in the building and construction industry. We guarantee premium selection and supply of the best people. Check out the links below for useful information.

Foreign workers
Norwegian Tax Administration
Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

For job-seekers

Want to work for Fleksi? We are always on the lookout for skilled employees, and would like to represent you throughout your career. We are committed to treating everyone equitably, and are proud to have employees who have been with us for a good many years. Check out the useful links below to aid your job search.

Service Centre, Foreign Workers
Norwegian Tax Administration (gateway to online public services)
SIFO (National Institute for Consumer Research)
NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration